We produce and supply innovating materials for interior projects and products in pure crated metals and naturals! No simple look alikes but the real stuff! Created by a dedicated team of open-minded cowboys & girls.

Patina Metals


Patina Metals


Crafted Metals Handmade


Aged Metals Stair risers


Dare to Create...

When a project challenges interior designers and architects to go beyond the paved road and designs require just more creatitvity than simple standards. Lost Cowboys creates amazing surface designs for wallcoverings, furniture, kitchen and frontdoor products in unique metals and natural materials. All pure crafted. Knowing that not one project is the same and customers wishes specific desired forms with aesthectics and architectual features. We produce per order and any tailor made request is welcome.

Does your next project need a WOW factor? Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or samples !

Crafted metal kitchens

Are you looking for some rock’n roll in your kitchen design? An industrial and sophisticated style that could easily match with luxery and modern settings! Great surface designs for new builds or smart renovations.
Front doors, drawers, side panels or counter tops in Zinc, Copper and Brass.

Amazing materials

Do not hesitate to contact us for tailor made products.

custom furniture solutions